This year has seen a break from the normal as far as party cocktail dresses are considered. Strapless dresses have been in fashion for too many years now and to see the return of straps is a welcome break for those of us without the big busts and the confidence to show a lot of skin.

Although the design is supposed to be feminine and flattering it still requires a certain amount of youthful skin and neatly shaped shoulders to carry the look off perfectly. The new style halters cover up a lot more without losing the sexy edge that we all want in our cocktail dresses.

The fashion savvy ladies among us are all craving after these new styles in party cocktail wear because of the ultra-feminine design cuts and lavish embellishments. This is mainly because it is far easier to obtain these latest fashions on the internet.

Styles to look out for
Puffball or balloon hems have been redesigned and are now far more ladylike than the designs seen in the 80’s pop videos. The hemlines are now more flattering and the puff effect is not so over the top. This effect paired with two color fabrics have made the puffball very sort after. Xcite and Alyce designs are worth checking out if you want one of these party cocktail dresses.

This year’s color combinations

The color combinations used on this season’s party cocktail dresses are bold and clash. The use of black and white mixed with bright red and bold blues is certainly a statement but with the sex and the city styling leading the way in today’s fashion these color combinations have never been more sort after.

Prints make a comeback

Prints were seen in last year’s collections but the range was kept few and far between. The demand this year has changed with prints becoming very popular and animal prints are making the catwalks come alive as far as party cocktail dresses are concerned. These animal prints are being combined with panels of block colors as well as hand beaded details. Keeping in with the latest in color trends we have seen a lot of hot pink and bold blues mixed with blacks which finish the animal prints perfectly.

Designers go mad for Poka Dots

Designers this season have produced some of the most show-stopping polka dot cocktail dresses ever and these dresses are capturing the eye of the celebrities and the fashion conscious amongst us. These party cocktail dresses are set to lead the fashion world this season with every girl wanting to add at least one version of the dotty designs to their wardrobe.

Featured Image: DHgate

Source by Heather K Denton