Hen parties have long been known for their tacky brashness, but an increasing number of brides are looking for something a little bit more sophisticated and refined with a touch of luxury and glamor.

Here is our sophisticated hen do ideas:

  • Talk to your bride: What does classy and sophisticated mean to them? What are their favorite things, how do they like to unwind? Plan your hen do around what the bride wants.
  • Budget: Sophisticated parties can break the budget if you’re not careful. Set a realistic budget for your attendees, not just what you and the bride can afford. It may be that you add luxury to certain parts of your celebration and keep the rest more low key so it’s within everyone’s budget.
  • Accommodation: Keep an eye out for deals on luxury accommodation so you can grab a bargain for your favorite hotel, apartments or other places to stay.
  • Travel: Check the difference in cost to upgrade to first class for your travel, sometimes it can be well worth it!
  • Activities: Think about what you want to fill your revised hen party with. Spa days, makeovers, photo shoots, cocktail making, cookery classes and boat cruises all come high on the list of classy hen do ideas.
  • Book: When booking do not forget to negotiate, especially there is a large group of you and you’re willing to pay in advance.
  • Little things: A few small things can really add a feeling of sophistication to your hen party, or just make it that little bit more classy than your average affair:
    • Champagne always adds a bit of luxury to a party so add a few pounds extra to the budget to buy a couple of bottles to enjoy while you’re getting ready.
    • Research the best pubs and clubs and get on the guest lists, or still reserve an area just for your group for the VIP hen party treatment
    • Your choice of outfit can have a big impact on how your hen party feels. Choose what to wear on a hen night carefully. You may want to choose a theme such as ‘red carpet glamor’, ‘cocktail dresses’ or ‘vintage chic’ so all your group have a similar style but are not covered in tacky fancy dress

Here are a few things to avoid if you want a sophisticated, classy hen party:

  • Veils and tiaras – they’re more than a bit clichéd now. They are best avoided if you want to retain some glamor during your night out.
  • Willy shaped straws – There are better things to suck your drink through!
  • Fancy dress – nothing singles you out as a hen party shorter than fancy dress, and you may not get into pubs, clubs or restaurants.
  • Excessive alcohol – you’ll think you look great but you’ll really lose control and could end up not being safe.

Whatever you do make sure you have the great resource refined hen party ideas that you can use.

Featured Image: Hitched

Source by David Coombes