Choosing the correct wedding attire can be quite straightforward for some men, while for others the task can seem quite daunting. Following the correct theme and dress code for the wedding will be an essential starting point and for most formal weddings this will consist of a suit for the men.

If you are part of the main wedding party it is likely that you will be required to follow the main theme and colour scheme, which will probably have already been decided for you, this will usually solve any dilemmas you may have had. If you are a guest, but not part of the main party, then you will have to give some more consideration to your choice of attire.

As a general rule, most men in the wedding party will wear a tuxedo if not a suit is just fine. Often there may be a clue to the wedding invitation, as to the dress code that may be expected on the big day, or if you are still in some doubt then ask the hosts, its better to do this rather than arrive in something completely inappropriate and stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons.

A formal, black tie only event will necessitate a tuxedo, black jacket and bow tie and possibly a cummerbund, if you don’t already own one, these can easily be purchased or hired just for the day.

A black-tie preferred event would usually consist of the above but a black or dark coloured suit is also acceptable, while a black tie optional instruction would indicate that a dark coloured suit would be fine for the occasion.

If there is no indication as to the required attire on the invite, this will allow you to choose your own attire, if you still have a dilemma, consider the venue, as this often gives an indication of how formal the wedding will be. For most weddings, a dark coloured suit with a white shirt, a plain coloured tie and smart black shoes will be acceptable, you won’t look out of place and will be a safe choice.

When choosing your suit also consider the season, for spring and summer weddings, a lighter colour maybe an option and definitely avoid heavy wool suits, and lighter colours can be worn, if in doubt, opt for black, navy or dark grey, which are great for any time of the year, dark colours are a must for autumn and winter weddings. If the occasion is less formal, for example, a beach wedding, then a light coloured linen suit, with or without a tie would be perfect.

When your suit is finally chosen, it is time to think about accessories, which can really enhance any outfit. Ties carry almost as much importance as your suit, solid colours are recommended and patterns usually avoided, the ties must be colour coordinated if you are part of the main wedding party. A self-tie bow tie is preferable if worn, but there are many pre-tied bow ties available too.

Belts are optional, if worn they should be thin and black in colour, an alternative is to wear braces, which can compliment any trousers and jacket. Plain toe Oxford style shoes are a standard choice of shoe, customarily worn in black, but brown may be worn depending on your suit.

If you are part of the main wedding party, cufflinks should be coordinated or may be customised for a novelty value, groom, best man, father of the bride cufflinks are available and would make a great gift and keepsake too.

As a rule, you can’t overdress for a wedding, but don’t be more formal than the wedding party and whatever you choose make sure your suit fits correctly and is comfortable, which will ensure you enjoy your day.

Featured Image: Sareez
Source by Louise Owen