Glycerin is a magical organic compound that is mostly used for medical purposes but can prove to be magical for your skin if used properly. It is composed of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, and is non-toxic in nature. Glycerin is used in a number of cosmetics and skin related products, but is also easily available at the chemist shops everywhere.

For skin glycerin is a blessing, from cleansing to moisturizing to blackheads removing to skin lightening it can do a lot of things to make your skin beautiful. The only catch is you must know how to use it right as per your skin type.

Here is how to use glycerin for different purposes for people with normal skin type:


For Softening Skin:

Glycerin is great for softening skin, fight dryness as well as irritating skin. The simplest way to get soft skin is by mixing a small quantity of glycerin with water, leave this mix on face overnight and wash off next morning to see the effect on the skin.

Use As Toner:

The combination of glycerin and rose-water can be use as a skin toner. Again take a very small amount of glycerin and add rose-water (the quantity of rose-water should be five times higher than the glycerin). Use this mix on a regular basis as a toner to get firmer and flawless skin.

For Moisturizing Skin:

You can directly put glycerin using cotton ball to moisture your skin. Leave it till your skin absorbs it completely then wash it off. If you have a mixed skin type then add lemon juice on glycerin and use it as and when you feel. In fact, you can also pour some glycerin on your daily cream and bath water to get better results.

Anti-Wrinkle Potion:

Mix glycerin with almond oil and massage your face daily with this potion to make your face wrinkle free. If available, you can also add some fish oil or, for that matter, vitamin E oil to make this magical potion more effective. For a youthful, wrinkle-free skin use this on a regular basis.

Acne Solution:

Glycerin is anti-bacterial and that means excellent in healing acne and acne scars. You can directly apply glycerin on pimples and the scars to make your skin spotless and flawless.

Skin Lightening Potion:

Glycerin can also lighten the colour of your skin and make your skin fair. Take glycerin, lemon juice, and rose-water in equal portion, mix well, apply on face using cotton ball, leave it overnight and wash it the next morning. This is also an effective remedy for dark spots.

Glycerin can be used for many others skin related problems and so it is a beauty essential for everyone.