Winter is not about loading yourself with sweaters and jackets and if you are doing so then let us warn you. The season is all about being stylish and flaunting yourself with a trench coat and variety of jackets. Think of those classic biker jackets or doll hued numbers when you are going for a trek with your squad or for a regular day at work.

Check out some of the latest trends

* On days when you feel you’re looking basic, slip into a burgundy biker jacket and get sassy. It can amp up your classic black sweater and denim duo.

* Go easy yet impactful with your workwear this winter. Slip into a stylish mustard trench coat. Wear it with a pair of calf length boots or with black office pumps.

* Think a little vintage! Layer your duos with a vintage denim jacket and get that up and urban look instantly.

* Get into a cutesy doll hued number to prettify any of your regular looks. Style it with rose gold hoop earrings to call it chic.

* Corduroy makes a comeback: Corduroy has made a comeback this season as it not only makes for a great fashion statement but is also extremely comfortable due to its soft, rich feel. There are several styles of corduroy that are both chic and versatile and are available in deep colors like olive, burgundy, and navy. You can opt for printed corduroy jackets or go for the ones with intricate embroidery or patches.

* Quilted jackets: Quilted jackets are forever trending in both soft shades of beige and grey and in darker tones of navy, brown and black. Faux fur trimming at the neckline and cuffs gives an edge to the overall look and keeps you cozy in the chilly winds.

* Colourful ponchos: Ponchos are increasingly taking over the winter fashion scene. Whether it is the classic poncho or ones with a hood or turtleneck style, ponchos are much favored when it is about an effortlessly fashionable look.

It is not at all acceptable to look like a pile of clothes in such a good season. Pair your winter wears with boots and sassy caps and get ready to slay.

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