If you take a look at ladies underwear from the 1940’s and 1950’s the emphasis was firmly on glamor Lingerie and stockings and suspenders!

To produce that glamorous outer look of that post-war era meant that there was some serious underwear going on underneath, let’s face it after the austerity of the previous decade every woman wanted to look like her partners’ favorite film star. Women’s corsets and shapewear were the order of the day to produce that smooth fashion line that really enhanced the curvy look of the day.

In the first part of the 20th century, however, shapewear also played a big part in fashions. In the very early part of the bustle was worn, not something that would prove very practical for days “bustling” lifestyle “In the 1920’s the straight androgynous body shape became fashionable and breasts were actually strapped down. The looks were valued, with Women’s bra technology giving an upward thrust and pointing forward, this is in complete contrast to the softer, rounder more natural look preferred today.

The diversity fashions of today really allow glamor to go skin deep; we no longer have to truss ourselves up like a chicken before getting dressed as now in the 21st century being natural is the popular look. We can wear what we want on top mean we can let our imagination loose on our erotic underwear. You can feel sexy all day every day, in silk, satin, lace or leather. The underwear manufacturers cater for the most conservative taste ranging to the more bizarre, and it is fun all the way, so you can feel good dressed but still look stunning in your undies too! If you are comfortable in your skin you can really glam up what you put next to it.

Featured Image: Pinterest

Source by Trish Ash