This article aims to explain how footless tights can be worn for a variety of occasions and not just for casual wear. Although many people think it is an essential to be bare legged on a night out, footless tights provide the perfect and comfortable alternative that can easily be just as glam.

It is often thought that tights are an essential core product rather than that of a fashion product. However, this could not be further from the truth. With an array of different prints, patterns and colors, tights can be the wow element of our outfit rather than your dress.

Whilst tights can provide the perfect casual look, teamed with your favorite pair of denim shorts, a laid back t-shirt and classic pumps, they can also look great for a night out.

Tights have a great element that are ‘tight fitting’, therefore they help legs to appear more toned and structured then they sometimes often are.

The footless element of the tights means that they do not provide your feet with extra warmth on a night out and they also allow you to still wear your favorite peep toe heels.

The winter season need not mean that you can not go on your favorite nights out and stay looking glamorous, footless tights offer the perfect alternative to little black dresses during the colder months. In fact you can still wear your favorite little black dress but with footless tights underneath for extra warmth.

An annoying part of a night out, as many ladies know, is the whole fake tanning process before the big night. You can either be super prepared and pre-tan a few nights before the night, or you can use instant tan which while it does do what it says on the tin- most instant tans are not waterproof so if it rains you are subject to lovely looking streaky legs.

This is where footless hosiery come in handy, no need to fake tan your legs when you have these on and no need for a last minute shave that can result in cuts due to trying to master the art of shaving speedily!

So you may be thinking if footless tights are so great for a night out, what can they actually be worn with? Well that depends on the denier of the footless tights. Higher deniers mean thicker tights. Some footless hosiery with high deniers can appear that thick they almost look like leggings! These are the tights that are perfect for a casual look at the bar. Teamed with your favorite pair of high heels and a glamorous top they still allow you to look dressed up for the bar but not too dressed up. Lower denier footless tights can also look great on a night out.

Teamed under your favorite dress they look just as good and provide extra coverage. Footless tights can also look great under your favorite party shorts. If sometimes you feel your shorts are a bit too short and you are not sure whether to wear them- footless hosiery can get rid of all these worries for you!

Conclusively, footless tights need not just be for your everyday casuals, they make perfect party wear!

Source by Sophie Hawkins