The festive season has different meanings for different people. For foodies, it’s about gorging into delicious delicacies and food photography, for elders, it’s about meeting and celebrating with family (and also finding suitable bride or groom for their eligible children), for singles, it’s the right time and right place to check out the opposite gender subtly; but for women it pretty much means one thing – shopping, dressing up traditionally and looking like a million bucks.

But more than the excitement (for shopping), there comes a lot of confusion in terms of what to wear, how to mix and match, what is the right amount of make-up etc etc! Yeah, that’s hell lot of task! You might have the perfect dress, matching earrings, neckpieces, and bangles, but what about the footwear? We agree it has to be trendy, pretty, and different but at the same time footwear has to be comfortable considering you have to walk around a lot and even dance to the dhol beats.

Team SoPosted did a bit of running around and figured out juttis, flat footwear and simple Kolhapuri fit the bill!

Here are some popular picks that you can flaunt this festive season.

#1: Juttis 



#2: Simple flats 

simple flats


#3: Colorful flats 

Colorful flats

#4: Gladiator style works well with even Jeans and kurtis 

Gladiator style

#5: Black base footwear

Black base

#6: Best of all worlds

Colourful treats

Happy flaunting your happy feet!