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When it comes to designer clothing, whether men or women, we are either on one of two sides; one which argues of the quality, style and taste that designer labels inject into a wardrobe while the other which argues that designer labels are nothing special, going so far as to in fact state that they are just a waste of money and nothing but a name .

Designer labels are often recognized by their high price tags; for many a symbol of their quality, for others a symbol of unnecessary cost but which argument is the right one? Often, with similar situations, the right answer is open to interpretation however as a lifelong expert and fan of men’s designer clothing I have my own arguments I would like to put across.

Understandably the majority of us purchase designer clothing because we give in to the branding; Whether the cool sophistication of the Ralph Lauren Polo or the dark and mysterious determination of Armani; we desire to be a part of a specific target group. However is designer clothing all just a fad? Hopefully, the below points will leave you thinking again …

  • Quality– The undetiously obvious difference between high street store clothing and designer is simply the quality of the craftsmanship. This is a point which, whatever your belief, can not be denied; designer clothing really is made better and done so with the finest material and often, the difference is immediately noticeable … that old saying comes to mind; “you get what you pay for”.
  • Unique– Designer clothing is a unique piece of / range of clothing and that that is what you are buying into; the “design” created by that specific designer. Admittedly there will no doubt be a huge hoard of copies available but the quality, the exact perfection of the design and the evident uniqueness will not be there and if you are fortunate to find that it is; then the quality will be lacking. No copy can be as good as the original which is why people prefer purchasing the real thing from the real label.
  • Investment-Tying in with the above point, the quality of a piece of designer clothing makes it a lasting investment. Look at it this way, say you want a nice bag; you can either pay high street store prices, only to need a new bag next year or you can invest in a designer piece that can last for years. Many think designer clothing is too expensive but let me ask you one thing; when was the last time someone showed you a piece of clothing they have had for years, from a high street store? Now answer that same question but this time from a designer store? It is a well-known fact that the craftsmanship and quality mean that designer clothing lasts for many years and after all, is not that what we want when we spend our money?

Whether you believe that designer clothing is all about the labels and just a fad there is no condemning the quality, the uniqueness and the lasting power of a designer item. Whether a lifelong lover of designer menswear or womenswear or a high street trooper; never be afraid to invest in quality as it will stick with you for years to come!

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Featured Image: Fancy Temple
Source by R Atkinson