This past week I was checking out inventories in the women’s departments of some of the trendiest stores. In one of them, an adorable red-haired shopper turned to me and gleefully proclaimed: “Finally, they’ve moved us out of the basement. And then she “got to work” browsing the racks.

No longer having to shop at the sub-basement level of this department store made that plus-size shopper burst with joy, and I’m confident that many millions of women share her sentiment. It’s the result of curvy girls, myself included, standing up and demanding that the media, fashion industry and stores nationwide address us as the confident, beautiful, powerful women we are. At long designers and retailers recognize our impact-and purchasing power. After all, we make up a majority of America’s female population (62 percent, in fact.)

As a result, we are seeing additional images of beautiful women like us popping up in ads such as Dove’s pro-age campaign. Rather than being portrayed as stereotypically fat and frumpy, celebrities, such as Jennifer Hudson, are being fabulously styled. Many fashion designers-Calvin Clein, Ellen Tracy and Eileen Fisher among them-are now creating lines especially for us. Stores such as Catherines, Fashion Bug, JC Penney and Lane Bryant are launching “fit” programs to bring us cuts that not only fit, but flatter, and are fashionable.

All this is to say we can now more easily find fashions that make us look and feel fabulous! This is especially true this time of year when spectacular fall outfits move us beautifully from one season to the next.

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Featured Image: Today
Source by Diana Larson