Celebrity Skin Care

Celebrity Managers give the utmost importance to Skin Care . Celebrity faces make the cover and front pages of the world’s best glossies and print. Their bodies grace the hotspots in print publishing across the world. Their lives occupy most of the pages in any popular magazine.

Whenever a celebrity endorses a skin care regimen or product it is bound to capture the imagination of millions of admirers and fans. Celebrities have become brand ambassadors, spokeswomen and spokespersons to leading manufacturers of cosmetics, beauty care products, apparel, perfumes etc., all over the world.

Lasting radiance of lingering beauty

Rachel Hunter is one of the most loved faces across the world. Beautiful, gifted and determined, Cover girl for Estee Lauder, People, Sports Illustrated, Revlon, Pantene and brand ambassador for beauty care and cosmetic products, she has epitomized lasting beauty for decades. One of the ‘Most Admired Women’ according to a British Poll she is also one of the most photographed international cover models.

Rachel Hunter now a spokesperson for Dermacia Breathable Foundation has these words to break :

“After a few hours makeup starts getting cakey and dry and I find that with Dermacia it just still feels fresh … even into the afternoon … and you do not have to go back and refresh it, so it just feels really light and still kind of that nice dewey look and the coverage is awesome … Especially if I’ve got a meeting at night or something, to go from set to dinner and it still looks the same. to, but I found that I really do not need to. ”
– Rachel Hunter, 26 February, 2006

Dermacia – what celebrities recommend

Dermacia is a “breathing” foundation that allows flow of air and moisture into and away from the face. While most makeup is like a ‘mask’ on the skin, Dermacia breaths, breaths life into skin like never before.

It’s healing properties and gentle effect and applicability even in the face of acne, eczema and rosacea has inspired even plastic surgeons recommend it in the operating room directly after surgery.

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