If it seems as if celebrities have short one day and long hair the next, you are not imagining things. They do not have a miracle potion for hair growth, either. No, the celebrity secret is hair extensions, and this is a trend you can easily make your own.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Extensions are typically made from synthetic materials or natural human hair, although human extensions are more expensive.

Generally, extension color is numerically rated with 1 being the darkest and the higher numbers are lighter and blonder. The extensions also come in a variety of textures and quality… the higher the quality the more expensive the extension.

There are several types of hair extensions…

Fusion: Fusion extensions attach to the natural hair with what is essentially a hot glue gun and then a hot implement held over the glue to help it melt and harden. This method stays in place for about 3 months, however, maintenance is needed by licensed cosmetologists so that your hair doesn’t tangle.

Netting: A common method for those with hair loss, netting involves braiding the natural hair and then placing a netted cap over the scalp and pulling the braids through the cap, the wefts are then sewn or glued onto the natural braids.

Tracking: While this may or may not work for men or women with extensive hair loss. If you only have a patchy loss, tracking can be an effective method for extensions, The existing hair is braided in horizontal rows across the head and the wefts are sewn into the braids, working from the bottom towards the top so that the hair falls more naturally


Consult a professional stylist to have your stylist to choose the best method for you.

Ask your stylist about caring for your hair extensions; including how and when to wash the hair and when to get a replacement done for the most natural look possible.

If your hair loss is due to a medical condition, consult your doctor about your hair loss and whether hair extensions are the right choice for you

While hair extensions are a popular beauty style for women, many men are hesitant to explore or find out more about hairpieces for men, even if they experience significant balding. However, before you go looking into expensive and painful hair follicle replacement surgery or dubious creams or potions meant to help hair grow, consider a modern hairpiece made for men.

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