When Hollywood divas go ‘chop chop’ with their hair, sport messy buns or any other hairstyle for that matter, we go droolworthy, but on the other hand, when Hollywood actors tuck away their shiny mane into wild man buns, nothing gets better! Boy, we owe a lot to a few good men from Hollywood like Chris Hemsworth, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham, Bradley Cooper and Orlando Bloom who didn’t think twice before rocking these man buns so stylishly. Primarily, the man bun look is edgy, hot, quirky, messy, tamed, sexy, sophisticated, and yet so effortless at that. And the best part, you can team it with almost any attire if done correctly.

So, move over beards and check out these Hollywood stars enjoying their beauty moment with these killer man buns!

Jared Leto 

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Andrew Garfield & Chris Hemsworth 

Chris Hemsworth

Harry Styles 

Harry Styles

Jake Gyllenhaal


David Beckham 

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*Applauds gentleman*

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