From helping in whipping out delicious meals, baked goodies and healing wounds to nourishing dry hair and helping get rid of sticky labels, coconut oil is that one ingredient which will always be the hottest item on everyone’s grocery list. Why not? It is cheap plus has a myriad of alternate beauty benefits and is a cure-all for skin needs. And medical needs too (to some extent). In fact, so much so, that one can chuck majority of the skin care products and still flaunt a glowy, fresh skin by just using coconut oil.

When we say this, we are not exaggerating. Coconut oil is indeed a vanity essential that you must stock on.

Here are 7 alternate beauty benefits of coconut oil that make it a mainstay in everyone’s your beauty regime.

#1. Moisturiser For Dry Skin

People who have a dry skin would understand the struggle to keep the skin hydrated, especially during winters. Coconut oil soothes dry skin and doubles up as a natural moisturiser. For better results, dab coconut oil on your skin right after you step out of shower. It helps to lock the moisture naturally.

#2. Frizz Free Hair

We all know the wondrous effect of coconut oil when used as hair oil, but here’s one new thing you can try out if you have dry and fizzy hair. Pour a few drops of coconut oil and gently dab on frizzy ends of your hair. Regular use helps in restoring the natural shine and making your hair look frizz-free.

#3. Under Eye Cream

The most neglected area of the face is the skin under the eyes. Being delicate and thin, the changes in this particular area of the face highlight the most in a person’s appearance. Puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles are some of the common problems. In order to get rid of these, place a pinch of coconut oil on your fingertips, warm it a bit and then gently apply under the eyes.

#4. Eye Make-Up Remover

One of the toughest tasks about eye make-up is removing it. The eye shadow and eye liner can be removed relatively easier but it’s the mascara that we get stuck with. Pour a few drops of coconut oil on cotton and gently wipe away the eyes. Not just the make-up, coconut oil also works on fine lines, so either ways, it’s a good thing!

#5. Lip Balm

Dry or chapped lips, coconut oil works effectively as an ideal lip balm. In fact, it also works on restoring the natural shade of your lips (in case you are a smoker). Whether it is climate change or winters, dry lips will never bother you.

#6. Natural Shaving Cream

Even though coconut oil does not generate lather like shaving creams but it does ensure a smooth, close shave. It also keeps your legs naturally moisturised as well as smooth.

#7. Strengthens Nails And Softens Cuticle

Coconut oil works magically on nails and cuticles and gives them a youthful touch. If you have dry cuticles, use coconut oil on them, wait for it to soak in.

Believe us now?