The harsh season of winter is about to make its chilling entry and it brings along a number of health and skin related complications. Covering the body, using creams and lotions, and sticking to healthy diet are some of the basics that one usually follows to keep the health, skin, and body in full functional order. But, there are few other areas which are bothering and irritating which we mostly like to overlook.

Lips are an area of the body that mostly goes without taking any extra care. The market is full of lip balms, gloss, and other lip care products but apart from using them, there couple of few home remedies that can help to maintain beautiful lips even in winters.

Try adopting these 7 lip care tips from below and experience their impressive effect.

#1. Drink Water:

At least 8 glasses of water daily is must to prevent dehydration that leads to dry lips and overall dryness of the body.

#2. Stop Licking The Lips:

Do not lick your lips as a temporary solution for dryness. In fact, licking the lips make the lips more dry. Due to cold breeze, the lips get dry in quick succession and you will end up licking your lips all day long with no avail.

#3. Know Your Lip Balm:

Choose your lip balm carefully after knowing its ingredients. This will just take two minutes extra in the cosmetic shop and nothing more. Shea butter, jojoba or coconut oil, beeswax, almond, and vitamin E are a couple of ingredients that protects the lips from sun and maintains moisture. If not all these, then the basic petroleum jelly also works fine.

#4. Avoid Sun:

Over-exposure to sun can also damage the lips and leave them dry. Irrespective of what product you se on lips, try to avoid direct exposure to sun.

#5. Guideline For Lipstick:

Though, it is advisable to avoid wearing lipstick but still if you use lipstick, buy the one with moisturizing ingredients to lock moisture for longer period of time.

#6. No Smoking:

Smoking leads of multiple health related problems including discoloration of lips, dryness, and also affects the lip texture. So, stop smoking if you are into it.

#7. Avoid Coffee And Alcohol:

Coffee and alcohol can remove moisture making the lips dry. Therefore, avoid excessive consumption of these two.

Lips are sensitive and easily get dry during winters. Do not try to overlook the problem or cover-up by using lip balm. Follow these tips and get better, healthy, and beautiful lips.