Most of the morning starts with somebody or the other complaining about their last night’s sleep.
“I couldn’t sleep well because of blah, blah, blah.”
“I had a rough night.”
“I slept for just 2 hours.”
Is how most of the morning conversation with family, friends, and colleagues starts. It’s all good until we have to walk out of the house and face the world with tired skin, puffy eyes, and all other visible effects of sleeplessness.

No sweat, as we offer you the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to beat the signs of lack of sleep and look fresh:

1. Splash Cold Water To Revive Skin:

Puffy face is a prominent drawback of sleep deprivation. To instantly get a firmer, smoother, and radiating skin, splash loads of cold water on face.

2. Use Moisturizer To Lock That Water:

After splashing cold water, lock some of its effect by applying moisturizer. It will help to fight off dryness for the whole day and keep that fresh feel alive.

3. For The Eyes:

Puffy eyes are often a giveaway of a rough night. For a quick fix of puffy eyes, tea bags or cucumber works very quickly. Tea bags tightens the under eye area and cucumber hydrates as well as cools the eyes. Also, if you want to make your eyes look bigger without elaborate eye make-up then use an eyelash curler. A 10 second pressing is enough to create a visible eyelash line to add drama to your eyes and hide lack of sleep.

4. Some Physical Activity:

We understand, physical activity sounds too tiring and exhausting and we are not asking you to hit the gym. A 10-minute brisk walking or climbing stairs to sweat a bit is enough for an instant glowing skin that does not look tired.

5. Caffeine:

If you still think nothing is working for you, and you need an instant boost from inside, then go for some coffee. Caffeine has the power to temporarily increase alertness, but regular dependency on it will eventually have no effect on you. So, take it easy and go for a cup of coffee only when you need it.

However, no matter how many solutions are there to look and feel fresh in a sleep deprived condition, but it is healthy and advisable to get good sleep. So, whenever you can get some good sleep!!