If there is ever a list of essential ladies’ garment then denim shirt should be one of the items that should make it on top of the list. Denim is timeless, suitable for all body types, can be converted into any attire, and of course, you can recycle them the way you want. And, of all the denim dresses, a denim shirt is something that belongs to every wardrobe of all the ladies in the world, simply because a denim shirt can be worn with anything and everything, and on any and all occasions.

A basic blue denim shirt can be teamed up with any colour, fabric, and piece of garment to give it a formal, semi-formal, casual, party, or vacation look. Here are some looks that will guide you to wear your denim shirt right, and if you don’t have one yet than inspire you to get one now.

For a regular casual look, a denim shirt with a skinny trouser looks great.

Over a dress with a scarf, denim shirt can look chic and classy.

You can also wear it with a plan or printed skirt for a feminine look.

You can also experiment with layering and different looks with a denim shirt.

Replace your regular formal shirt with a denim shirt and see the difference.

A camisole, hot pants, and denim shirt perfect for an easy hot summer day.

Tie-up the shirt to flaunt your curves.

Denim over denim!! Yet, rocking.

Denim and leather, what a combination.

See, a denim shirt can never go wrong with anything.

Time for some shopping!