I like the way he dresses up. Somewhat casual, messy yet eye-catching and he knows how to carry himself off.

Swag! Baby that’s called swag!

It seems swag is all that you need to survive in this world right now. Swag is the perfect touché that can not be replaced by any other words (for the time being, at least).

Where did this all started? Well, I do not wish to dig up history but here are a few people who undoubtedly had some swag way before it became cool, oh sorry swag!!

Cleopatra: If popular imagination is this, then imagine what she must have been as a real person.

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra
Source:Cleopatra (1963) Movie

Mahatma Gandhi: Brilliant man, great philosophy, yet his simplicity bedazzled the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Abraham Lincoln: He is still an icon in pop culture. Need I say more?

Abraham Lincoln

Marlon Brando: Nobody teaches anything to The Godfather, he knows the best.

Marlon Brando
Source:The Wild One (1953) Movie

Bob Marley: Perhaps the most famous Jamaican and Reggae musician, his dreadlocks added to his charm.

Bob Marley

James Dean: He was a style icon and till date there is no one like him.

James Dean

Kurt Cobain: He is an enigma and an entire generation can relate to him. And yes, you can not call him stylish or style icon, he is swagger.

Kurt Cobain

Anthony Perkins: This actor and singer was one of the most stylish men of 60s.

Anthony Perkins

Katharine Hepburn: Fierce, independent, and unconventional; her style made her a cultural icon.

Katharine Hepburn

Bob Dylan: Two points, one you are born a swagger and two, with age you get better.

Bob Dylan

P.S.: This list is not in any particular order.