It's no question that the lifestyle of rappers is the envy of a lot of guys, even though they do not want to admit it. What's not to love? They have millions of dollars, fame, women, cars, houses and jewelry. Rappers nowdays have so much money that they can afford to blow it on something ridiculous like a $ 300,000 Lamborghini or a $ 50,000 Rolex watch without having to think twice. For them, they purchase high priced iced out jewelry and exotic cars is because it's a status symbol. It's a reminder to the world that they are famous and with that fame coming money.

Because of the money and the fame they have, they tend to attract women, lots of them. And because they have money, fame and the love of women, they attract attention from other guys who want to live that lifestyle and are willing to pay anything for it.

The lifestyles of rappers are no doubt a highly watched after image. Look at the success of P. Diddy with Sean Jean. People want to look like him, they want to act like him and they even want to smell like him. That's why his cologne is doing so well and making him millions more. Guys are willing to pay hundreds for hip hop clothing and accessories because that is the price they have to pay to have that same image. Luckily for them, not everything has to cost an arm and a leg to get the image that rappers have.

Take for instance hip hop jewelry. Hip hop jewelry consists of some of the most over the top iced out jewelry known to man. Enough is not in the dictionary of hip hop bling. An iced out pendant can cost anywhere between $ 2000 to $ 20,000. An iced out chain can cost up to $ 30,000 and an iced out watch can cost more than a house! We're not joking, some of these items are ridiculously overpriced.

Source by Robby C