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  • All babies are asked to stay away from stuffs like blades, shaving kits and scissors for obvious reasons. But kids have this intriguingly weird obsession with them. So much so, that at least once, every kid has enjoyed applying their father’s shaving cream generously and shaving it off like a ...
  • A grumpy, irritated, angry girl is dangerous but a grumpy little girl with a pair of squeaky shoes can be life threatening as you can die of overdose of adorableness. The pair of squeaky shoes on those tiny feet is so cute that even the little grumpy girl is failing to keep up with her anger. Meet ...
  • Though, no one can remember their infancy and how difficult and complex everything was back then, but this 40 seconds video pretty much sums up all the agonies of that time. Literally, everything was a massive surprise and the surprise element of the same thing was incredible. The same loud noise ...