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  • This is a Panda that reminds me of my mean sibling, cousin, best buddy, and that annoying classmate whose mommy used to pack the best lunch. Why? Because, these were the people who never, I repeat NEVER adhered to the rule, sharing is caring. These are the people whose Ninja skills in protecting ...
  • Winter weekends are nothing but a fine example of procrastination when we think of doing a lot of things and end up snuggling under the blanket munching snacks and sipping on hot beverages. It is not that we don’t make plans with friends, but we get more excited when those plans get cancelled ...
  • I totally understand how it feels to be the odd one out in the family, in friends’ group, or social circle. The idiosyncrasies, somewhat weird behaviour, and unconventional ways of doing things though make us stand out, but it also make others uncomfortable and make them look too normal. If ...