Are you bored of browsing the regular website and want to kill time by doing something else? Or, just tired of the social media updates of your friends, stalking people online, checking out food sites, reading random news, seeing animal videos, checking celebrity pics? Yet, there is nothing better to do and you are feeling stuck in front of your monitor, then here are a couple of websites that will provide you ample opportunity to kill unlimited amount of time and these websites are pro in doing that.

Trust me, the research for this piece took me way longer because these websites are really good at killing time and I just got carried away.

Anyhow, here are the websites that will help you get through any bad day by wasting all your time.


All the canine lovers out there, this site is best way to spend hours on. You will not be able to take your eyes off from the window that has nothing but a bunch of dogs racing against the backdrop of fun music.


Here is a website that wants you to bounce some cats all over the screen. The cats are really bouncy, so you really don’t have to do much but to see them floating all over your monitor.


Click to see what you get. This is more like an instant reality check.


What do you think about ducks? Aren’t they cute, cool, and absolutely calm creation of God that enhances the beauty of wildlife? Yes, they are and if you doubt it, they click on this site and know why ducks are the best.

Bonus: You will get to hear the DuckTales theme song.


Feeling sleepy at work or in the middle of an assignment, need a quick break than wiggle this worm a bit and see what happens.


No matter what, do not I repeat DO NOT click on the Black Box.


Feeling cold and lonely, he is the website that is digital fireplace. If you concentrate hard enough, you might feel a bit warm and dizzy.


Want to know, has the large hadron collider destroyed the world yet or not? Your answer is one click away.


Sometimes we all need the reminder that patience is a virtue and this website exactly does the same. How, you ask? Well, click and know.


This website is a quick check if you are feeling whether everything is okay with you or not. In fact, if you are not feeling okay then this website can fix that.


Love popping bubblewraps? Think it is a great way to kill time? Then this website is just for you. Pop some bubblewrap to distress instantly.


From one circle to infinite circle that reveals a pair of Koalas, just keep your cursor over the circles and witness the magic.


This is the official last page of the internet, which means time to go back to your work or whatever else you were doing.


The useless web is a one click dictionary for all the useless websites with a twist. Each time you click on the “Please” button you get a new website to kill your time. Go ahead and try.

If you have reached the end of this article without getting caught in any of these websites then congratulations and hats off to you.