Have you ever dreamt of becoming a rockstar, performing in front of a huge crowd, and star on an epic music video that is viewed like million times? But, somehow always felt like an impossible dream. If you still harbour this dream inside your heart then Face Melody is letting you live this dream. Launched by IPSA, a Japanese Cosmetics Group, Face Melody is a promotional website.

This one-of-its-kinds website scans your face and analysing a couple of things creates a music video using your face. This video may not be as good as the Grammy nominees but is good enough to share on social media and impress a couple of peers. You can upload your photo either by using your webcam or by directly uploading from your system. Then, this website uses facial recognition technology as well as some other complicated algorithms and write music based on the shape of your face. Also, by using lines and a couple of other visual presentations, this website creates a music video with your face.

Face Melody

Interestingly, while analysing your face Face Melody provides some amazing stats like Smile Level, Face Balance, Face Colour, and Lightness to create different patterns of the music and the video. Also, this Japanese website generates a title of for your music video to complete the musical experience.

Face Melody 1

Must say, my face melody is quite trippy and fun to watch.

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