iPhones are fancy yet highly optimized devices that are capable of performing a number of essential virtual tasks. This is a great exclusive device by Apple Inc. and with each new improved version iPhone is taking over the entire smartphone market. Just like any other Apple Inc. product, iPhone is also known for its various innovative features, but a glaring drawback is its poor battery life and a bit slow processor that affect the overall performance of iPhones by making them slow.

The fancy animation while opening any app in an iPhone is one of the reasons that greatly affects the power consumption and efficiency of this device. By disabling this brief animation feature you can make your iPhone run faster.

If you are wondering how to disable this feature then 9to5Mac has released this video that will guide you through the process. Basically, by using a system glitch you can disable the animation feature and make your iPhone faster and its battery lasting longer. Here is the video that shows the process.

Video Courtesy: 9to5Mac

Simple yet great hack for iPhone users.