Errors are simply a warning from Windows that your computer is running with some problems, and that you need to fix them. The error message itself is completely harmless, it’s just that it is representing a defect problem that your computer is suffering from. This problem can be anything from a bad driver to a corrupt file …. the scope for problems in computers is just so massive that it’s hard to give a specific “fix” for all of them.

Having said that, there is actually a way you can kill 99% of your computer’s errors in one go. It’s all to do with the central database for Windows, which is known as the registry. This database is the nerve centre of Windows and is constantly being added to and updated. There are 1,000’s of files inside it, each of them being used at least once a week.

The problem is that most errors appear because of a problem with this registry database. Since the registry is constantly being updated, the scope for your computer to accidentally corrupt or lose some of the registry files is great, and every day, more and more files are damaged in this way. When this happens, Windows cannot use these registry files … or has to create new ones. The reasons why 99% of errors appear is because Windows simply cannot fix one of the files in this registry database and so it needs you to do it for it. This is common and there are many files corrupted each day.

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Source by James Henry Johnson