While the present times that we live in is often described by fancy phrases such as the ‘cyber age’ or the ‘era of computers’ among others, it still remains as a fact that a major section of computer users all across the globe still does not know how to utilize these services properly and often neglects or overlooks certain critical points in handling a PC or its various associated applications such the internet, etc. There is no doubt about the fact the advent of the internet is perhaps the greatest boon of modern day life making the entire aspect of communication and access to various kinds of information a piece of cake. However, despite all the advantages of the internet, the lack of an absolute or centralizedized control of the medium gives rise to a number of hits.

One of the main disadvantages about the internet services is the fact that every interaction of a user on the World Wide Web gets recorded in the system folders in the form of temporary internet files and cookies which function as testsions of the user’s online activities for those who would be logging in after him or her. Now such a thing can prove to be damaging for the user in more than one ways and so the most recommended thing to do in such a case is to make sure that he or she clears the internet history and wipes all the records and data clean before signaling off either manually or by using an internet history eraser application. Performing this one simple task can have several advantages for the user in every sense of the term and can prove beneficial not only for him or her but for the computer as well.

To begin within one’s home PC which is used not only by the individual but his or her kids and other family members as well, while accessing certain sites or blogs it must be taken into account that it may prove disastrous if after someone else finds out that the user was busy browsing porn sites or something similar in nature. Simply even in the office, one must be extra careful about the pages he or she is visiting as it may really turn out to be damaging to the professional career if the employer later finds out that the individual’s online activities were against the organization’s interest.

Here, it can be said that it is always favourable for the user to erase the internet history and records along with erasing computer history in order to keep up the privacy aspect. Moreover, clearing these unnecessary Internet files and cookies from the system folders and even from the different operating system related applications and software such as the Windows Media Player can also help one to retrieve a substantial amount of hard disk space and then can also lead to a better overall performance of his or her computer.

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