There are numerous gadgets being created for the next coming years to help people, for fun and others for more practical purposes. Many have been created to change our household comfort, safety and weekend entertainment.

Australia, a continent known for its hot weather, over the last few years has been trying to develop new ways to save water. Caroma launched their water saving invention last year with the waterless urinal, called the H2Zero. It caused quite a splash at the Australian 2007 design awards. It is estimated that every flush wastes two litres of water. The H2Zero wastes none.

The design is different from other versions, which had problems with excessive urinal smells and noises that sounded like “a build-up of waste matter.” The H2Zero flushes these problems away with an airtight separation unit as well as a deodorising block in the main cartridge just in case.

If companies start installing these water-saving urinals, Australia should save gallons of water. Hopefully, with designs like this emerging in the country, water problems will dry up.

Another gadget, which is helping with small but painful problems, is the latest model iRobot. Reports have shown that ladder-related accidents in America have hit the ceiling. Apparently falling off ladders has caused more deaths than shark attacks. The way iRobot helps is that it cleans out gutters. This means that homeowners will only have to get on the ladder twice, once to place the robot in the gutter and a second time to lift him out. The iRobot has an attachable belt clip so homeowners use both hands when climbing.

The robot, created by Roomba Vacuum, blasts dirt, leaves and mess in the gutter, as well as brushes it way. The owner drives the robot with the use of a remote control from underneath. For those accident-prone homeowners, this is definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully, Rooba will develop the design and further steps will be taken to improve the model.

For something a little less practical, investigate the new submarine, created by Uboatworx. The Dutch-based company has recently launched two submarines, a one-seater and a two-seater, for the general public. Owners of the submarine have to undertake a three-day course, including an exam so they do not end up sleeping with the fishes.

The submarine can travel at a speed of 3.5 mph a second. For navigation, the controls have a joystick so drivers can go in any direction. Before you dive right in, just note the submarine only goes down 50 meters and has enough air for 150 minutes.

There are other inventions in the pipeline to be produced this year or in 2009. Gadgets to look forward to including a transparent toaster and milk packaging that changes colour. Why would you want to see milk package change colours? Well, for when it goes off. I will not give away what colour it turns, as I would not want to spoil it for you.

Featured Image: Trend News Agency
Source by Celeste Yates