In an effort to get more people to donate their sperm, sperm banks in China has come up with an unusual yet interesting marketing ploy, they are offering 16 GB iPhone 6S to the sperm donors.

Though not literally, but at least they are right in claiming so as the going rate for sperm donation is somewhat between 5,000 yuan (785.68 US dollars) to 6,000 yuan (942.82 US dollars) and the cost of the iPhone 6S 16 GB is 649 US dollars. That means sperm donors can just go, donate their sperm and then go buy a 16GB iPhone 6S with the money that the sperm bank will give.

Flyers, digital flyers (circulated through instant messaging app) and newspaper ads are being distributed by the sperm banks across the country to attract attention of people. In fact, these flyers and ads prominently features iPhone 6S to draw and hold instant attention.

Shanghai’s Renji Hospital is giving 6,000 yuan for a donation of 40 millilitres of sperm and a free health check-up. This hospital is also stating on their ads that as single session can produce 2 ml to 6 ml of sperm, so a man can donate the 40 ml over many sessions in a stretch of six months.

Some of the sperm banks have decided to increase the going rate and others are using unapologetic taglines, such as “you don’t have to sell a kidney” to buy an iPhone 6S anymore. This tagline refers to an incident of 2011 when a 17-year-old boy sold his kidney for Apple products.

It seems this new marketing gimmick might work wonders for the sperm banks in China as people everywhere are going gaga over Apple iPhones.

Story Inputs: Mashable