Hoshinchu, a Japanese company, is producing and offering kits to customers to make their own floating and even spinning Air Bonsai. Bonsai are great Japanese house plants that are a global trend. Now, this firm is changing the rule of the game by offering Bonsai plants that will be levitating.

Basically, the company uses magnets to make it possible for the tiny plant to levitate. The makers, Hoshinchu, stated that the kit made available on sale has two components that are Little Star and Energy Base. The Little Star is spongy moss balls having small magnets and it is placed above the Energy Base of porcelain that also has magnets. The magnets on the base repel the ones on the moss making it possible for the plant to float. The distance that this creates between the base and the floating plant is almost half an inch and interestingly the plant spins too. For the spin, there is a special mechanism powered by an AC adaptor.

Air Bonsai

Air Bonsai has been made available on Kickstarter website along with a host of images, offers, details, as well as promo videos that explains the working of the this Bonsai. For further explanation and queries, the website also has a FAQ section. Also, to prove that this is not a hoax or fraud one of the demo video shows Hakaru Hoshi, a producer, passes a cardboard piece between floating plant and its base. This technology even allows the customers to grow any plant and create their Air Bonsai.

Check out this video to understand the working of Air Bonsai.

Video And Images Courtesy: Megan Davidson/Kickstarter/Hoshinchu

Hail imagination and technology!