Facebook is working on making this social media networking website more efficient in any mobile network and any device, according to their latest post on News Feed section of the website. Facebook is not only focusing in expanding its global reach, but also looking at various aspects for making the social networking website workable under any data connection.

The team is developing Facebook features in a way that loading and scrolling through the news feeds become faster, and better even in a 2G network connection which is widely used in developing countries. This will help the website to reach out to the emerging markets around the globe that largely uses slow data connections.

The blog post further explained that the website will take into account the data connection and the device while updating News Feeds of every user’s personal account. These factors help Facebook decide what type of updates should be pushed or hold back on that particular user’s account.

To make such a differentiation on the basis of net connectivity and user’s device, Facebook has developed “an open-sourced Network Connection Class”. This update will also helps the website to retrieve more stories as well as photos while the user reads the news feeds so that further scrolling brings up more stories.

In fact, this update will also help the website prioritising things that user wants to view as per the slow net connection. If the user wants to view an image then the website will download the image first then the news feeds making the process faster. Also, Facebook is looking for alternative image format for easy uploading for users using slow data connection.

It seems Facebook is making every effort to ensure that the whole of the world is better connected through this social networking website irrespective of the data connection and the mobile device.