Keeping up with celebrities has fast become part of our culture. Just a glance at the magazine aisles in the supermarkets is proof of our obsession with the rich and famous. Their lifestyle fascinates us, from their weight to their hair color and their homes to the cars they drive. Of course, trying to keep up with celebrities can only successfully be achieved by very wealthy fans but if you are browsing the car dealers for a new car, taking ideas from celebrities can be a good place to start.

They are constantly in the public eye, and being seen in a popular and ‘cool’ car is going to be paramount to keep a reputation, or even build one. Unfortunately, some cars owned by expected celebrities are completely out of the question for the average fan (Chris Brown’s Bugatti Veyron for example!) But some celebrities do own cars that your local car dealer may have in the showroom. Keeping up with the rich and famous does not have to be an unreachable goal.

British film actor Jude Law owns the Audi A8, which is a stylish and spacious car with plenty of different specifications to choose from. The basic version (2.8 liter V6) has all the power that you’ve really need and although it is expensive the return for a second-hand A8 is decent if you can find the right car dealer.

If music is more your cup of tea, then singer Katy Perry is currently sporting the slightly smaller Audi A5. It may be smaller than the A8, but it is certainly cheaper which makes it more achievable in today’s financial climate. For singles and couples, it’s fashionable and up to date buy.

If a swish and the sporty vehicle is not really your thing, the model Heidi Klum could be a good reference. She owns (among other cars) the new style VW Beetle Cabriolet. It’s a fun and cute drive, which is perfect for cities and the soft top is ideal for showing off the new celebrity-inspired hair-do. It’s also reliably cheap, so check out your local car dealers for available versions. The celebrity lifestyle is not as unreachable as you think!

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Featured Image: Car and Driver
Source by Pete Ridgard