Boeing, the American aerospace giant, recently released a video of a newly developed metal that they are claiming to be the lightest metal ever. Named Microlattice, this metal is 99.99% air and its structure is similar to honeycomb-like open-cellular structure of bones. In simple terms, the metal is solid on the outside where the inside is a web of extremely thin struts making it light in weight and also flexible.

Microlattice is so light in weight that it can be placed on a dandelion. Look wise it seems like a metallic springs that squeezes while holding any object.

About the usage of this metal, Sophia Yang, Research Scientist – Architected Materials of HRL Laboratories, a joint venture with Boeing, said in the video that the aerospace giant is more likely to use it as structural components for aeroplanes to make them light in weight as well as fuel-efficient.

To know and understand more about this lightest metal watch the following video:

Video Credit: Boeing