According to a recent analysis by The Korean Employment Information Service (KEIS) robots will massively replace humans in many jobs sooner than you might have imagined. This agency has identified as many as 406 jobs where artificial intelligence will be replacing humans.

This analysis reveals that jobs that require a higher level of creativity are least likely to be replaced by AI. For example, professions like photography, art, and writing are less likely to be taken away by robots. Whereas, jobs that involve repetitive work, less finesse, and minimum human interaction will be at higher risk of being replaces by robots. As per these parameters, jobs that have topped the list of jobs to be replaced by AI are the security guard, delivery man, butcher, concrete workers, street cleaners, and factory workers.

This job analysis by the Korean agency has been done using the research paper, titled The Future of Employment, written by Oxford University professor, Michael Osborne. This paper takes into account job related crucial factors such as creativity, delicacy, space, and involvement of humans required in any job.

If you are curious or still hopeful that this study addresses a future which is far, very far away, then here is what KEIS researcher Park Ka-yeul has to say,

According to a report from the 2016 Davos Forum’s ‘The future of Jobs,’ automation job replacement will start around 2020,

On a positive note, the researcher states that “It’s beneficial for humans, because we can avoid hard manual labor and concentrate on more important decision-making.”

Story Inputs: The Korea Times

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