The festival of light is not too far away, and so is the grand Indian wedding season. Apart from the splendid celebration, one thing which is common between these two is elaborated fireworks and bright lights that excites one and all. Fireworks are magnificence to look at; in fact, even the colourful pictures of fireworks look extremely appealing and eyebrow-raising.

Seeing the pictures of fireworks definitely gives a happy-high feeling but capturing those using smartphones is not an easy task. The fireworks last less than for a couple of minutes and have no predictability, making it too hard to capture a perfect, steady shot which is worth-sharing on social media.

But, smartphone cameras are powerful enough to click any shot perfectly provided the users know a couple of tricks and tips. Here are 5 photography tips to click amazing pics of fireworks in this season of celebration.

#1. Turn Off The Flash And HDR Mode:

You want to capture the natural light of the firework, so turn off the flash as well as the HDR mode. Flash highlights the nearby objects that can kill the charm of the fireworks. Similarly, the HDR mode is not of any help as the firework is a moving thing so turn that off too.

#2. Do Not Use Focus Feature:

The focus feature of the smartphone camera is a way to highlight one single object appearing on the photo frame, and as fireworks has nothing fixed so do not use focus feature. In other words, keep the focus infinite to focus on everything that is appearing on the frame.

#3. Do Not Zoom:

If you wish to click a high quality images then do not use zoom feature of the phone camera. Zooming in blurs the image distorting it and making the image look bad, if you want to get a close shot try getting closer without putting yourself at risk.

#4. Activate Burst Mode:

Many smartphone cameras come with burst mode which means clicking multiple shots quickly to get one perfect shot. If your phone does not have an in-build burst mode then you can download burst mode app from the app stores.

#5. Use Camera Apps And Editing Apps:

To make things easy and avoid any manual error, go for camera apps that are available on app store. There are camera apps for night shots and other requirements of users. These apps can give you the desired results; also it lets you practice a bit before the grand days ahead. Other than that, download photo editing apps to further enhance the clarity and quality of the images. The app stores have good number of editing apps from which you can choose as per your editing needs.

Fireworks are fun and attractive, but do not forget to keep yourself safe while having fun or clicking the pics.