It might surprise that while reading this list what dogs are known to be healthier than others. When choosing out a dog for a companion or as a new addition to the family you need to consider a lot of options. For one, you want your puppy dog to live a long healthy lifestyle. A good step to ensure that you get a dog that will survive and live life to the fullest is to get a breed that is known to not have that many health issues.

Of course, while the breed of a dog will not largely determine how healthy or long it will live. The more important factors that determine this are diet, lifestyle and how well the dog is taken care of; it is still interesting to see what dogs seem to have less health problems than others.


The first dog breed that we are going to look at is the basenji. This particular dog breed is known to live a long healthy life. Although it does lack the ability to bark, this dog often does well. The most common problems for Basenjis are hips and leg issues, although usually these are easily treated by a vet.


The common race dog is indeed very healthy and a great dog to have as a member of the family! Greyhounds are known to have dental problems however so make sure that you feed them a diet that is rich in raw meat and bones! Never feed a dog cooked bones or meat!


A beagle is a great dog; in fact I have a small one myself. These pups are known to have some problems with eyes as they age. So far mine is doing great!


This might come as a surprise but poodles are the healthiest dogs in the world. Due to their large size however, some of them develop problems as they get older.

Although the pure breeds listed above are great choices keep in mind that it has been proven that mutts are the healthiest dogs in the world especially as they age. Most people would prefer a pure breed but hey mutts are great dogs too!

Remember a healthy diet, lots of exercise, playtime, and love and care will give a dog the best chance it has at living a long healthy lifestyle. Remember to take your pet to the vet regularly so that you can keep an eye on its health!

Source by Rob Ganion