After the recent gruesome Paris attacks, US military is keeping alive their tradition of writing messages on bombs and missile before dropping their on ISIS strongholds in Syria. Images on message “From Paris, With Love” on missiles have appeared post the attacks that shook the collective conscience of the world.

Photos of Hellfire missiles and JDAM bombs has been posted and shared on social media with the above message that shows solidarity of the US military with the victims of the attacks. Though these images have not been verified and one can not rule out the possibility of Photoshopping these images, but it is believed that members of US military have written them to send out a strong message.

Interestingly, this has been a US military tradition since the World War II to write graffiti messages on missiles and bombs before dropping them on the enemies.


Post the Paris attacks, apart from US military even the French fighter jets have massively aggravated airstrikes on ISIS territories.

Story and Image Inputs: Daily Mail