We can’t thank King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, much for all the romantic songs he has given us. His innumerable romantic dialogues and movies are the reason love hasn’t left our lives yet. The way he proposes the heroine has become every girl’s dream proposal. And who would say no if a man recreates the same charm for her? Something similar happened with Adele Pereira, whose best friend proposed her for prom using Shah Rukh Khan’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai song in the backdrop.

Keith from Chicago wanted to ask Adele out for school prom so he planned the whole thing in a special way, to which no girl can say no. He asked other students to line up on the way with roses in their hands and as Adele came out of her class, she was greeted by them, one-rose-at-a-time. At the end, Keith was standing himself having Prom spelled out with balloons and all this happened while Kuch Kuch Hota Hai song played in the backdrop through the school’s intercom.

Just like any other girl, it was impossible to say no to such an adorable proposal so she went and hugged him, blushing all the while. Later, Adele took to Twitter to share her promposal saying, “sooo grateful. couldn’t have asked for a better #promposal2018 #prom2k18” Within few hours, the video went viral on the internet and everyone had the same reaction- Awwww!!

Social media users went crazy over this prom proposal. While one wrote, “He’s a keeper” another wrote, “Not to be dramatic or anything but Bollywood music in the background and a PROMPOSAL? I would die”

One thing is sure when a guy gives a Bollywood touch to a proposal, especially a Shah Rukh Khan touch, no sane woman would say no.