As kids, we all dearly loved Mowgli (and even envied him at times), The Jungle Book to be precise. He was comfortably clad in a piece of loin cloth covering his manlihood; had the cutest girlfriend, no school, no homework, basically noting to worry. He had the most amazing anthropomorphic animal friends (remember Bagheera, Baloo etc); indulged in enormous fights with the ever-ferocious Sher Khan, and called the massive jungle as his humble abode. What a wonderful life Mowgli had and what a magnificent piece of art was The Jungle Book.

Even today, we can bait anything in this world to tune into The Jungle Book to witness Mowgli run around and do his knick knacks, fight a bit and be around his jungle buddies.

And now Disney and Jon Favreau are giving us all the cool reasons to experience the kickass action in Mowgli’s life with this brand new movie. The Jungle Book trailer is out and it’s impressive like how!

With names like Ben Kingsley and Scarlett Johansson, the star cast bit of The Jungle Book has been gorgeously taken care of!

The Jungle Book, you beauty! Thank you Disney. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Official Facebook Page Of The Jungle Book