Every year on March 8, the world observes International Women’s Day, a celebration of women’s rights and achievements in various fields. It’s a great day to recognize the important women in our lives, and to say “thank you” for their sacrifices and hard work that we sometimes tend to take for granted. Here are a few simple yet significant ways you can participate in the festivals.

1. Bridge the gap.

The “Join Me on the Bridge” campaign began as a joint effort for the women of Congo and Rwanda. It has since become an annual event all over the globe, going hand-in-hand with International Women’s Day. This year, thousands of people from different parts of the world – women and men, young and old – are expected to pick up their signs and banners and march across bridges, joining one another in the quest for peace and a brighter future for women.

2. Give gifts (or send cards) to the women in your life.

Give something special to the women who have played a significant role in your life – your wife, your mother, your sister, or your best friend. A simple token of appreciation would suffice. Write a letter, send a card, or buy them flowers or sweets – it’s not so much the kind of gift as the amount of love and gratitude behind it that matters.

3. Extend support to a charity or awareness group.

If you have the cash to spare, why do not donate to a women’s cause group or charity foundation? If you do not have money, that’s not a problem; you can also volunteer your services (sometimes in helping to organize events or designing promotional materials) even for just a couple of days. There are so many ways to give and so many great causes to support.

4. Spend time with the special ladies in your life.

Take some time off from your busy schedule and go have coffee or dinner with the women in your life which you hardly get to spend quality moments with. In some ways, that’s better than just sending them a gift or card. Make them feel that they really matter to you by personally reconnecting with them.

5. Be informed.

Read up on your history and learn about the outstanding women who have proven their abilities and accomplished much over the past few decades. Go online and educate yourself about the ongoing struggle for women’s equality in various parts of the world, and why active participation is a must.

6. Go to one of the International Women’s Day events in your area.

Check out the official International Women’s Day 2014 web page and take a look at the scheduled art exhibits, lectures, and luncheons in your area that aim to celebrate the movement.

Featured Image: FoodTank

Source by Edward Alunday