Admit it, even you have fallen prey to the Yanny/Laurel confusion which has been breaking the Internet like nothing else. Just like the blue dress/gold dress picture, this new video has been taking over the internet asking people which word they hear. While half of the crowd is pretty sure that they heard Laurel, the other half can’t stick to Yanny. Nobody knows what the word really is.

Well, the time to give some rest to the horses in your brain because the young women who led the world to wonder whether they heard “Yanny or Laurel” have revealed themselves. Cloe Feldman of California who tweeted this mystery a few days back revealed that she was not the one who recorded it but the real girl is Katie.

Feldman revealed that it was her tweet about the recording that triggered the phenomenon, but the recording was made by Katie. She told, “I posted it on Twitter. I didn’t think much of it and I woke up the next morning to all these mentions and tweets from celebrities and different news outlets and I saw this tweet basically blew up.”

Feldman decided to make it her mission to find the person who made the recording. “Her name is Katie,” Feldman said. “She emailed me and we have been talking. It was her vocabulary project and she was playing the word out loud and ended up coming up with this phenomenon.” The original word is apparently ‘LAUREL’ but when Katie played it on, she heard something else. Realizing the confusion, Katie asked her friends to listen to it and received different responses. This is when she realized different people heard different words. She casually posted the recording on Instagram, which was further posted by others on social media and in no time it became a full-fledged viral phenomenon.

Well, at least now that we know the actual word, we can sleep in peace. By the way, what did you hear- Laurel or Yanny?