If Professor Bruce Hood from Bristol University is to be believed than we super smart, tech-savvy people are evolved in a way that our fingers naturally reach for the letter F on the keyboard when we open the browser. In fact, many Facebook users have also confessed that they get a feeling that their fingers are reaching for F when they open the browser. This phenomenon is related to brain shrinking.

Professor Hood further explained that around 20,000 years ago human brains started shrinking on a steady pace, and according to Professor the possible reason for this was domestication of humans. This process made humans social being, that ‘thrive on gossip’. As per this condition, Facebook happens to be the perfect outlet as it offers endless gossip, but at the same time it does not allow human brain to expand.

While talking to Metro UK, Professor Hood stated that,

“Our brains have evolved for us to be social animals.” And, because of this an urge to connect to many through social media is not a surprising phenomenon.

About how social media influences our thought process, the Professor claimed that,

“What’s interesting is that you might assume that the wider exposure to differing views that social media brings would make us all much more open-minded.”

“What we see in reality of course is the opposite. People seem more likely to slot into niche groups of thought online than in real life.”

Surely, a high time to get off social media and get on real life.

Story Inputs: Metro UK