REC was one of those movies that we loved and cannot recommend very enough. We first saw Quarantine which was a fine movie, but REC proves that the original is almost always the best. Think Ju-On vs The Grudge, Ringu vs The Ring and that sums up REC vs Quarantine.

It always amazes us when a foreign film that does well is remade over here and gets turned into a pale comparison. Sadly most American audiences do not notice the difference since they do not know it’s a remake and never know the joy of the original. This is truly the case with REC. When I’ve asked most people about it, they never heard of it, but these same people saw Quarantine and thought it was pretty awesome.

Another interesting point is that the same filmmakers did both films and Quarantine was supposed to be a shot for shot recreation so it could play in North America. This is what I’m afraid will be happening with the remakes of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The translation overlooks to get lost and the horrific nature that is in the original goes with it. If you’ve seen Quarantine, we can not say enough that you should check out REC and see the difference. It starts out the same but different. The big difference is the REC feels like a real documentary, and it actually makes you move as far back in your seat when the monsters come rushing at the camera as it feels like they’re going to come out of the screen. That’s the things that make a horror movie a real horror movie!

Manuela Velasco plays the lead and she feels makes everything feel so real which is amazing and best horror movies ever hopes to see her keep making great films. REC is shot to have that true rough documentary feel and it works perfectly. Everything is shot from the cameraman’s perspective which makes the film work so well. Now Quarantine was a fun movie and good, but after you watch REC, it’s like watching Monday Night Football on a 60 “screen and then going back home to your 32” one. That’s how much better REC is over its pale imitation. Being shot on a shoestring budget only enhances this film, and the fact of the limited budget made the filmmakers get very creative and go for some creative scares which worked.

It’s been a while since we got those cool chills up your spine and jumped … really jumped. Not to mention the tense feeling of foreboding that we felt during the course of the film. Another thing that worked has they put in some humor which Quarantine left out altogether. The humor added so much and we could relate to how the main character was making sure to not lose that shot or have anyone ruin her interviews. After all the crazy intents moments, that injection was much needed before things get even worse for everyone in the building.

So what’s REC about? A news crew for one of those low rated shows “While You Were Sleeping” decides to follow a firehouse crew overnight. Nothing’s happening for a while and they keep watching that there’ll be an alarm so they can get some good footage. Like with anything, you get what you ask for, the alarm sounds and they’re all off to what they think is a routine firehouse call. When they arrive at the building, they are suddenly in deep shit and do not realize until it’s too late that the building has been surrounded and closed off due to a contamination within. That’s all we’re going to say about REC for those that have not seen it since we hate when people give away too much. All we can say is we cannot recommend REC enough, and if you love horror like we do, you’ll love it!

Featured Image: Goirtin Hub Blog

Source by WC Johnson