Another unbelievable incident happened in the capital when a man who was trying to cross the Delhi metro track at Shastri Nagar metro station nearly escaped. The man called Mayur Patel was using the metro for the first time when he was hit by the train. Luckily, he escaped as was trying to climb on to the platform from the metro track.

The man wanted to go towards Rohini but wrongly reached the opposite platform heading towards Kashmiri Gate. The incident took place on May 22 at 6 am. The negligence of DMRC officials was caught on CCTV cameras installed on the platform as no one tried to stop him.

It is learned that an official of DMRC revealed that Mayur Patel has asked a person about the directions as he was using the metro for the first time. When directed he crossed the track to go to the other side but just when he was climbing on to the platform, a metro heading towards the platform hit him. The speed of the train was slow as the driver saw him and applied emergency breaks. Patel could have died if the driver had not seen him. He received minor injuries nevertheless.

“We have booked Mayor Patel under Act-64 of DMRC and imposed Rs 150 for crossing the railway track. During questioning, he revealed that he did not know how to go to the other platform,” DMRC said in a statement.