Did you know that saturated fats are not bad for you, in fact, they might even be good. Hearing this probably goes against 5 decades of the program you have been fed by the media. You’ve always heard that saturated fats are bad, but before you click away from this article. Let me show you why they are not bad, and why they are actually healthy.

Back in the 1950s, a scientist by the name of Ansell Keys published a paper about why Western society was developing heart disease at an explosive rate. First, you must understand Ansell’s paper was a hypothesis, and it still is today. Heart disease is caused by saturated fat is not a fact, and as you’re about to find out, not a very good hypothesis either.

The research Ansell did about adjusted fats and heart disease was actually very flawed. For one, he only used data from small countries, and only use a portion of the stated that. Researchers have gone back and looked through all the data that he used to come up with this conclusion. These researchers found no link between heart disease and saturated fat. What they did find though, is a scientist who did not use the scientific method to come up with a load of crap which is now tossed around in society as fact. It also seems that after researchers went through the data, they have concluded that he basically plucked the idea that saturated fat in the disease, out of midair. He did not take in any consideration of the countries smoking rates, sugar and refined carbohydrates intake, daily stress factors, how often people of this country’s exercise, and many other lifestyle factors that determine heart disease risk.

What is unfortunate is that for almost 50 years now people have stated his hypothesis is fact, when as you can see there is absolutely nothing factual about it.

Since the 1950s there have been many studies trying to link planned fat to heart disease. Most of these studies have failed to find any trace at all scheduled fats lead to heart disease, and most of the studies that have shown any links to heart disease have been proved to be flawed as well.

One thing we do have though is evidence that saturated fats may be good for us instead.

Did you know that there are countries in Africa were tribes eat raw whole milk, drink cows blood, and eat high fatty red meats. You know what, most of these things contain high levels of saturated fats. The problem is, most of these people are very lean and healthy and have absolutely no heart disease inside these tribes. But wait, I thought of saturated fats are what cause heart disease?

Well, the answer that my friend is no.

What causes this is trans fatty acids, also known as partially hydrogenated oil.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, or even now, go look in your pantry and almost every one of the items that you have will partially hydrogenated oil. French fries at every fast food restaurant are also fried in the stuff. This stuff is also known as margarine shortening.

Partially hydrogenated oil is very bad, it is actually a deadly, poisonous chemical that Western society looks to enjoy eating for some reason, and because of this, we have a high rate of heart disease.

At the grocery store try to purchase your items as close to their natural state as possible. Look at the labels and make sure they do not contain partially hydrogenated oil. My motto is always to eat green and lean.

Featured Image: Harvard Health Publishing

Source by Jonathan Ward