Archaeologists in Italy will soon start digging to unearth the supposed treasure hoard of the king of Visigoths, Alaric, who sacked the city of Rome in 410 AD. This treasure along with the body of the king is believed to be buried in Cosenza, under the confluence of two rivers.

According to legends, when King Alaric sacked Rome he accumulated a treasure comprising gold, silver, precious stones, and even the Menorah that was looted by Romans from Jesusalem in 70 AD. In fact, this legend is so popular that even Hitler sent the chief of SS and some archaeologists to find the treasure but failed to find anything.

Now, the local administration of Cosenza of Calabria region, Italy will initiate systematic search using various modern technological innovations. Mayor of this Southern Italian city, Mario Occhiuto made this disclosure about the search for the hidden treasure.

The mayor in a statement said that,

Historical sources and clues confirm that the treasure of Alaric was buried in Cosenza.

About the details of the treasure, he said,

The treasure consisted of about 10 wagons full of gold and silver, and perhaps also the sacred Jewish candelabra, the Menorah.

About The Presence And Location Of The Treasure:

After sacking Rome, the Goths under the leadership of King Alaric ransacked the entire city for three days and accumulated massive amount of gold, silver, silk tunics, and many other valuables. Soon after, the king decided to march towards Sicily to be followed by Africa but before doing that he died in Cosenaza. His body along with the treasure was buried at the confluence of Busento and Crati rivers. Interestingly, according to legends, to dig the tomb of Alaric slaves temporarily diverted the course of Busento river and they set the natural course of the river once the tomb was made.

In fact, to keep the location of the tomb a secret, the soldiers of the demised king slaughtered the slaves who dug the tomb.

Story Inputs: The Telegraph