Google has brought virtual reality to the people in the most creative way now by turning it into a Doodle. To honour the biggest innovator in cinema, French Illusionist and director Georges Méliès, Google shared a 360-degree Virtual Reality (VR) video, called “Back To The Moon” on the 106th anniversary of the release date of what is considered to be one of his greatest masterpieces “A la conquete du Pole” (The Conquest of the Pole).

The legendary Filmmaker Georges Méliès introduced many trendsetting techniques into the art of cinema like time-lapse photography, multiple exposures, and substitution splices. He even popularized the concept of narrative films in the early days of film-making.

The tribute video to the master innovator shows a French illusionist who tries to charm a woman, who starts out as the Queen of Hearts from a playing card, fights off a villain who tries to take her away from him, and then flies to the moon with her. All this happens in a kind of animated medley. One is able to click on the 360-degree video either by navigating with their mouse or finger or by tilting their mobile phones in a magic-window-like mode.

Work on “Back To The Moon” started in September last year and many new things were introduced. Made in collaboration with Google Spotlight Stories, Google Arts & Culture, and Cinémathèque Française teams, and produced by London’s Nexus Studios, this Google Doodle has every inch of George Méliès’ character. Just like the man used to switch characters mid-scene, the Good Doodle does the same.

Google doodler and “Back to the Moon” co-director Helene Leroux exclaimed, “We are always trying to find new ideas. This is the first VR experience that we did for Doodles.” This was also the first time that Google collaborated with an outside production company like Nexus Studios to make a doodle.

To add another first in the list, Google also hired the London Symphony Orchestra to record the score of the doodle. That’s the reason it has all the spotlight!