It is that day of the year when we take out time from our busy schedule to celebrate the love and affection given by our mothers every single minute of the year. Yes, today is Mother’s Day and the search giant Google salutes all the mothers out there with a colourful and cute dinosaur doodle.

Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. The Google Doodle shows a mother dinosaur and a baby dinosaur walking side by side. The doodle gives an image that it is being made by a child for his mother to honour her for her love and affection. It also represents how a mother always has her child’s back in all the sunny and dark days of his life. She guides and devotes all her life for the well-being of her little one. And we rarely honour her for what she has been doing since the beginning of the time.

The founders of Mother’s Day must have realized it which is why they dedicated this day to all the lovely mothers. The day actually came into being because of a woman named Anna Jarvis, who campaigned through many letters and moving speeches to make it an officially recognized day. Jarvis believed that a mother is a person who thinks about her children before herself and must be honoured for her ability of selflessness.

The day has its roots in West Virginian where Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in 1908. Since then the second Sunday in May is proclaimed as the public expression of love and devotion of all the mothers.