Paris Hilton was born on February 17th, 1981. Her parents are Rick and Kathy Hilton. Her grandfather Conrad Hilton, was the founder of the world-famous Hilton hotels. The family fortune is an estimated $ 300 million. Her grandmother was briefly married to actress Elizabeth Taylor. Paris has a younger sister, Nicky, who was born in 1983. They often appear in pictures together.

Paris grew up in Beverly Hills, California for the most part. She attended a private high school with other celebrity teens such as Nicole Richie, daughter of legendary singer Lionel Richie. After graduation and not having a desire to attend college, Paris Hilton decided to focus on her career.

First, she began to make a name for herself as a model. Paris modeled for such big-name designers as Marc Bouwer and Catherine Malandrino. She later completed an ad campaign for Iceberg, an Italian fashion company. She also posed for some major publications such as GQ, Vanity Fair, and FHM. People magazine did a piece on her and her sister in 2003. She also appeared in a few teen-oriented movies. She can also be seen in the FOX reality show, The Simple Life, which is based on Green Acres and features Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie living on a farm.

Some say that Paris is famous for being famous. Her scandalous relationships and the paparazzi had a huge part in her being on the front of supermarket tabloids almost constantly. She was thought to go out with Leo DiCaprio at some point and the guy who played the young kid in Terminator 2 opposite of Schwarzenegger Edward Furlong for a few months and was later seen out and about with boxer Oscar de la Hoya. Paris has also been linked with actor and Tommy Hilfiger model, Jason Shaw, as well as Sum 41 lead singer Derek Whibley.

However, what made the largest splash about Paris Hilton in recent times is the infamous home video that her ex-boyfriend made public. Paris’ party habits tend to make matters worse. She is often photographed drunk and with very little or no clothes on. She has also danced on top of bar banquets, gone topless for attention, and paraded around in designer T-shirts with slogans like, “Got Blow?” Yet Paris contains that the bad press “sucks” and that “people are mean.”

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Source by Kory Doszpoly