Dressing up for an ideal evening can be a frustrating decision to make, especially if you are particular about your looks. However, there is also a section of population who would have ignored dressing up if the ‘norms’ of cultured society would not be defied.

A restaurant in London totally reciprocates the idea. So much so that in this eatery you can dine sans clothes.

Cringe as you may, this one-of-a-kind restaurant, which is about to be open to the public in London this summer, has an Indian connection. The restaurant is named Buniyadi, which is Hindi for fundamental, base or natural. The restaurant is expected to open doors for patrons from June 2016 and will be open for three months.

True to its name, the idea of this unique eatery is to liberate people from all kinds of bondage, even clothes. However, if one is uncomfortable, they can eat with their clothes on too. The restaurant owners have carefully architected the building for both – the ones who would eat with their clothes on and the ones who would prefer a full monty.

Taking the thought of freeing people from all trappings of the world, food will be cooked on a wood-flame grill and served on handmade clay crockery along with edible cutlery.

“We have worked very hard to design a space where everything patrons interact with is bare and naked. The use of natural bamboo partitions and candlelight has enabled to us to make the restaurant discreet, whilst adhering to the ethos behind it. No doubt, this has been the most challenging project for us yet, which makes us very excited about it,”

Seb Lyall whose brainchild the restaurant was quoted by a leading daily.

Ever since news of such a singular eatery surfaced, it has the locals quite excited. The restaurant has a waiting list of 3,800 people and it is expected to rise in the coming weeks. The reservation however will follow, first-come-first-serve basis. Photography in the premises of Buniyadi is strictly forbidden.