The Heaven on Earth, Kashmir, has given us one more reason to be proud of having it. Tourist’s most popular place to visit in Kashmir, especially in the blooming season of April, Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden in Srinagar has mad eits place into the list of world records..

Loaded with more than a million Tulips of 70 varieties, Tulip Gardens is a must visit place when one is in Kashmir. Now we have all the more reason to visit it as Asia’s largest Tulip Gardens has been included in the London-based World Book of Records (WBR) for witnessing a bloom of 12.25 lakh tulip bulbs this year.

The letter from WBR to floriculture department reads: “We have the pleasure to inform you that the Committee, World Book of Records, London is glad to include the Tulip Garden with more than a million tulips of 70 varieties in world record by WBR, London (UK).”

Talat Parvez, secretary, floriculture department, told Greater Kashmir “This is a big achievement for us especially at a time when we are trying to attract more foreign tourists to the valley. WBR is followed by millions of people across the world and we hope this provides a boost to Kashmir tourism.” The garden which has only 10% bloom left has recorded 1.83 lakh people visited this year. Definitely, a tourist place, isn’t it? It was also judged among top five Tulip Garden’s of the world by World Tulip Summit Society during its annual summit held in Canada last year and by next month the festival will even promote the garden in their event.

Other than enjoying the vast variety of tulips in different colors, from this year people will also be able to have free access to wifi in the garden grounds. Parvez even revealed that 10 varieties of Hyacinth consisting of 40,000 bulbs have been planted in a separate terrace and the department has added several new fountains to the garden.